Quality Assurance

At Millers Civil, we work with on wide range of projects for organisations such Government bodies, commercial businesses and individuals. Each have differing needs, but overarching their needs is their requirement that a quality outcome is achieved.

Our commitment to achieving that outcome is implementing systems covering quality management, health, safety and environmental performance commensurate with the requirements of certification standards.

Millers Civil is FSC Approved Business

Federal Safety Commissioner Accreditation is the pinnacle safety certification for construction companies in Australia and demonstrates both a commitment to workplace safety, and compliance with the OFSC audit requirements.

Miller Contractors is AS4801 Occupational Health and Safety Certified

Occupational Health and Safety Certification reflects upon our commitment to providing a safe environment, leadership, systems and disciplines which deliver consistently safe work practices.

Miller Contractors is ISO9001 Quality Management Systems Certified

Quality Management System Certification reflects our commitment to quality, leadership, systems and sound and stable processes which can deliver, consistently, products or services that meet your expectations.

Miller Contractors is ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems Certified

Enviromental Management System Certification is used by us as a supply management tool, where you can have confidence in our environmental credentials. This in turn saves ongoing and time consuming and expensive second party audits.